Christmas Gifts
06.12.2011Klaus Thomsen

As the merry season is upon us, we’ve gathered a few gift ideas for the coffee interested.

Both stores have the gift box with 3 Weeks From Kieni at just 250,-

You can also buy 6 small cappuccino cups + a bag of Espresso for 250,- (save 54,-)

We also have the Hario Skerton hand grinder. If you don’t know it, it’s an awesome little manual grinder with ceramic burrs. At 325,- it’s an amazing product and great for travelleing too.

If you want to try more coffees we have our Taster Pakke for 260,with 4 different Direct Trade coffees.

In Torvehallerne we’re now selling the Hario V60 and filters. You can get it as a package with a bag of coffee for just 175,- The perfect hostess gift. Includes our little V60 brew guide.

At Jægersborggade we’ve stocked up on Aeropress and they are only 238,- also including a brew guide.

We hope that leaves you with some options to put under the Christmas tree!


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