TCC at Copenhagen International Fashion Fair
This year we have joined up with Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF). We are making a coffee shop at the fair and we are featured in the CIFF Gazette along with our good friends at restaurant Kadeau and many others.
31.01.2013Annalisa Mason

CIFF has build up the bar for us beautifully combining their looks with our looks.

So if you are going to the fair look out for our coffee shop right in front of the entrance!

Take a look at the Gazette here.

We take it as a big compliment that the people behind CIFF (@ciff_dk) find it relevant to present our business model to the Fashion Industry. If we in specialty coffee, who work with trade models as Direct Trade, can inspire people in other businesses, it starts to look like we can really do an impact!

As well as our model has been developed from inspiration of many people and businesses in specialty coffee world wide, we also hope that the perspective of potentially making an even broader impact, will help to inspire a refreshed, open and constructive dialogue about trade models.

All this and and lots of coffee will be in our Pop-up Coffee Shop at CIFF.

CIFF stand

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2 week subscription from:240 DKK / 2 weeks
4 week subscription from:315 DKK / 4 weeks

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