3 Weeks from Kieni
28.11.2011Klaus Thomsen

To showcase the subtle nuances in coffee, that we as cuppers get to experience and come to love, this month we’ll be roasting three different lots from Kieni and sell as a package.

The three lots are from three consecutive weeks, harvested the first three weeks of December last year. The lots are called Lot 15, 16 and 17 as that are the week numbers from beginning of the harvest in Nyeri, which is what the coffee millers in Kenya work with.

Kieni is a cooperative wet mill, or Factory as they prefer to call it in Kenya. There’s around 300 members of the mill, where each member is usually a family, growing coffee as one of many crops on their land. The families grow and pick the coffee cherries and bring them to the wet mill. So a wet mill is usually the most defined “producer” of coffee you can find in Kenya beside the (usually very large) privately owned farms.

At Kieni the lots are separated by weeks. So for each week lots you will have different families bringing in cherries and the climate and conditions for the fermentation will change week from week. This leave subtle differences in the week lots, but overall the Kieni mill delivers a very high standard. For us some of the absolutely best coffees we’ve ever tasted from Kenya.

Our goal with this little package is to allow you as a consumer to taste those differences that all too often is limited to the cupper’s table. It’s essential that you brew this coffee using accurately filtered or bottled mineral water. Copenhagen tab water will ruin the nuances.

You can read the report from our visit to Kieni earlier this year by clicking here.

The Kieni Week Lots will be available only in our two coffee shops from Wednesday at 17.00, where Casper will be hosting an open cupping of the three lots at Torvehallerne.

Kieni Facotry Manager Geofrey Wanjau explaining the drying process.

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