Black Coffee Brewing Classes
The last couple of years we’ve had a lot requests for an alternative to our Home Barista Courses for people who brew and drink black filter coffee at home. Finally, after thoroughly planning and testing the course, we’re ready to offer them.
19.03.2015Klaus Thomsen

The Black Coffee Course covers all you need to know to brew excellent coffee at home. From choosing your beans to adjusting your grind. We’ll be cupping different coffees, talking about how we perceive taste and how to choose a coffee to your liking. You’ll also learn about which equipment you need at home for the optimal brew setup and how to keep it clean. We’ll brew on the most popular methods such as Kalita Wave, Aeropress and Espro Press. You’ll learn about how to follow a brewing recipe, adjust grind size, the importance of brew time and much more.

The course lasts approx. 2,5 hours and you’ll surely leave with a good caffeine buzz. For the first course on March 25th we’re also including a free bag of coffee, so be quick and sign up!

Max 5 participants pr course. It is held at our class room at our roastery and coffee shop on Godthåbsvej from 17.30 till 20.00.

The course is only in Danish (with a slight Swedish accent) unless you can take all 5 seats with English speaking audience.


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2 week subscription from:240 DKK / 2 weeks
4 week subscription from:315 DKK / 4 weeks

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