Esmeralda Auction 2015
Last week the 2015 Hacienda La Esmeralda auction took place. This is where the best Geisha lots from Esmeralda are sold and roasteries from all over the world big against each other to secure a small 125 kg lot of this extraordinary coffee.
Geisha test field.
12.06.2015Klaus Thomsen

We’ve been buying Esmeralda every year since 2009, making this our 7th year bidding on their top Geisha. About a month ago we received samples of all the lots as green coffee, roasted it and cupped them blind. We do this every year and it’s one of our cupping highlights. This year all the lots where really good, but we all agreed one lot stood out for us. We later learned it was the Noria Pascua lot.

Esmeralda Auction

The auction went on from late evening and through the entire night, so our director, Peter Dupont, was in front of his computer placing bids every three minutes until 6:30 in the morning.

He was successful and this year we got two lots of our favourite on the cupping table!

The coffee is currently on the way to Denmark. As it’s two small lots, we’re flying it in and within a couple of weeks we should be able to release the fresh crop 2015 La Esmeralda Special Geisha.


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