Opening a new coffee shop in Carlsberg Byen
We have opened the doors to our newest coffee shop located in Carlsberg Byen at the bottom of Pasteurs Tower – a 120 meter tall building with direct access to the beautiful and historic garden by J.C. Jacobsen.
The ground floor of Pasteurs Tower where the new coffee shop is going to be located
13.09.2022Klaus Thomsen
The doors are open to our new coffee shop in Carlsberg Byen

Carlsberg Byen is the link between Vesterbro, Frederiksberg and Valby which are some of the most densely populated areas in Copenhagen. The area houses some of Copenhagen’s historic buildings and has a beautiful dynamic between old, industrial architecture and new, modern buildings and therefore creates an atmosphere and a vibe that new neighbourhoods often lack.

Explore our new coffee shop from above

J.C. Jacobsen founded the Carlsberg Brewery back in 1847. He was looking for a bigger place for his newly inherited brewery so he placed it on the top of Valby Bakke – an area with plenty of clean water - and named it after the brewery location on a “bjerg” (mountain) and his only son, Carl: Carlsberg.

Since then, the brewery has moved its production and now, after 160 years as a closed industrial area in Copenhagen we are happy to be a part of the beautiful new city which has appeared.

Pasteurs Tower where you will find us in the ground floor

We got the keys in the late summer and have been busy installing a new bar in the open space. We couldn't have done it without the Design Studies team, who decorated the shop's raw interior with wooden furniture exposing the material's organic shapes. 

An overlook of the new bar in the beginning stages

We have wished to catch the vibes of the old, industrial surroundings and make the new coffee shop blend in with the dynamics of the new city. With rustic concrete walls, playful Douglas furniture and a beautifully tiled bar we have created an aesthetic room surrounded by six-meter tall floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

Natural tiles decorate the bar and the walls

All seating inside the coffee shop is designed and built by the Danish company, Design Studies. They have created unique furniture by hand from leftover Douglas wood from Dinesen. Everything is crafted with sustainability in mind and built up with a centre of steel and several wooden bricks on top making no need for glue and minimum use of screws.

Marcus from Design Studies is working on some of the furniture for the new coffee shop

As every little piece has come together, the next step in the process was to dial-in the beating heart of our coffee shop. We have gone for a royal blue La Marzocco that has enthroned the bar. The machine is a beautiful contrast to the bright, natural tiles decorating the bar. 

The blue La Marzocco machine beautifully stands out in a room full of light natural materials

The dynamic between old historic architecture and new state-of-the-art constructions gives lively energy to the area. Pasteurs Tower captures the industrial spirit of Carlsberg Byen combined with a breath of fresh air. 

Meet the new team at our shop who are ready to greet you for a fresh cup of coffee. 

The wonderful team at our Carlsberg Byen coffee shop

Coffee Collective in Carlsberg Byen is open from Friday 16th September. The address is Fadet 8 in Copenhagen. 

We are open all weekdays from 7-19 and weekends from 8-18! 


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