New coffee shop | Renovating our roastery and coffee shop
Our coffee shop and roastery at Godthåbsvej is now reopening after a comprehensive renovation and we are beyond proud to welcome our guests back to the heart of Coffee Collective.
The new bar at Godthåbsvej
07.02.2022Klaus Thomsen

The new coffee shop has undergone a huge renovation, and we can't wait to see ýou for the big opening weekend at Godthåbsvej 34B.

Celebrating the re-opening we have a special roastery tour planned for you!

Get a glimpse of the roastery, exciting stories from the origin, and enjoy a special coffee tasting!

This tour will be free of charge. All you have to do is show up at our Godthåbsvej coffee shop right before the tour begins.

We have planned for tours both Saturday and Sunday this weekend from 11-12.30

First day open!

With almost a decade of creating coffee experiences we felt it was time to rethink the location. The evolution we as a company have experienced since we moved our roastery to Godthåbsvej and opened our second coffee shop has been great and we thought it was time to update our facilities to reflect the progress since the early beginnings of the Collective.

With glass walls, the space appears open and gives a look into the production

The purpose behind the renovation has been to create a space that is the best way to accommodate the needs of our guests. We wanted to limit the distance between ourselves and the visitors by providing a more intimate atmosphere by decreasing the floorplan while retaining the same number of available seats and by having prioritized smaller tables to add more flexibility to the different needs of our guests and thereby offer a more personal experience.

We have moved the bar to the centre of the room making the craftsmanship behind the coffee the focal point of the shop and the baristas are able to greet our guests as they come through the door. The bar is now located in front of our roastery which enables you to get a direct look into the working process of finalising the product while enjoying a cup of well-brewed coffee. 

The woodwork is reused materials from the old bar

An essential goal of ours is to push for sustainability in every aspect of our organization and that of course extends to our building practices which are now reflected in our coffee shop. When we started the rebuilding process the primary principle was to reuse as much of the already existing material in the shop as possible by bringing new life into accessible resources.

The vision behind the rebuilding process has been to include our guests in the work behind the amazing product of coffee by making our craft and our company as transparent as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you Friday 11th February to the reopening of the coffee shop! 

We have arranged for exclusive roastery tours during the opening weekend. Check out the events and RSVP now!


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2 week subscription from:240 DKK / 2 weeks
4 week subscription from:315 DKK / 4 weeks

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