New Bags
07.09.2011Klaus Thomsen

On top of the new store opening we’ve also changed to new bags. White stand-up pouches with a zip lock.

As a little gimmick we’ve made the bottom of the bag transparent. We’ve always thought it’s a pity that you can’t see the product it self – the coffee – when you buy a bag. But since light destroy the flavour of the coffee, completely clear bags should be avoided. So we’ve had this idea for a long time to just make the bottom transparent, so you can see the coffee but without light getting into it.

But more importantly we wanted to get more environmentally friendly bags. In Denmark most of the trash is burned and any metal becomes a waste product that can’t be re-used. So we wanted to get rid of the metal (foil) in the bags completely. Metal in coffee bags are used as a barrier for air, primarily developed for ground coffee with an expiration 2 years after the roast date (where the flavour will be gone anyway). With fresh roasted coffee and shorter shelf life there’s an overpressure in the bag for the first many weeks, so the extra barrier from the metal doesn’t even matter.

We have also been able to add some text about our roastery and green coffee sourcing on the back. The label has also gotten a little bigger and more reader-friendly and all in all we think the bag looks more simple and presentable.


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