Fresh Crops From Guatemala
Two new fresh arrivals from Guatemala are on the shelves.
07.08.2014Klaus Thomsen

This year we’ve bought 4 micro lots from our long-time partner Finca Vista Hermosa. We’ve been buying from Finca Vista Hermosa since 2007, making this the 8th year that we’re getting the Martinez family’s delicious coffee. We’re very proud and happy to work closely with this farm and developing quality with a mutual understanding. We’ll present the different micro lots one at a time and you can read on the label of the bag which lot is currently on.

For the third year we’re getting coffee from another farm in the same region as Finca Vista Hermosa; the tongue-twisting Huehuetenango region. El Diamante is still a few hours drive away near the Mexican border. El Diamante is owned and run by Patricia Perez, nicknamed Patty. Bourbon and Caturra varieties thrive here and Patty is doing a very long fermentation and soaking process.

You can read much more about the two farms from our previous visits:

(sorry folks, but 2011 seems to have gone missing)

Enjoy the fresh crops people! 


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