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The new edition features beautiful new photographs
11.10.2021Klaus Thomsen

The Danish reading of our new edition, Grundbog i God Kaffe is now available as an audio book.

While brewing up a nice cup, you can enjoy the reading of our Danish version. We are humbled that the talented Danish actor, Nicolaj Kopernikus (Klassefesten, Kongekabale etc.) is the voice of our book. 

Listen to the book on your favourite streaming service. Get started today, listen now!  

Available as audio book in Danish

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A decade has passed since we launched our first book, God Kaffe, and on 12th October we will proudly present a new and completely altered version. 

Besides beautiful new photos and illustrations, the new edition includes several new chapters and revisions of the previous ones; from new fermentation techniques at farms, over roasting profiles to our updated brew guides plus 10 entirely new recipes.

We also had the chance to take completely new photographs for the book and got our collaborator and coffee geek friend Chris Tonnesen to take on that project. We were also able to get a real illustrator assigned to it and we're fortunate to have Sidsel Sørensen draw the most fantastic and informative illustrations for us. Lene Gammelgaard has done an amazing job on the layout and visual feel of the book, which is again a hardback edition with nice, thick paper and a beautiful cover. Food writer Marie Holm once again has been our wonderful editor and overseen the entire process from start to finish.

Find our new baby on the shelves in our coffee shops, online, and in book stores across the country when the big day arrives on 12th October. 

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