Talking Subscription Coffees | El Bosque & Mirador
As a special treat for you, we have sourced two special micro-lots from Finca Vista Hermosa. Since the lots are so small, they will exclusively go to subscribers!
Simone and Klaus talk about their relation with FInca Vista Hermosa
25.09.2021Klaus Thomsen
Learn all about the coffees from Guatemala

El Bosque is rounder and richer in the taste than El Mirador, and it has some juicy fruitiness to it. Its full body is supplemented by a smooth sweetness. We get notes of quince, wood sorrel and pine nut.

El Mirador on the other hand resembles the classic Vista Hermosa profile. It is well-balanced but much sweeter. The elegance is backed up by a fresh acidity and tasty aromas of gooseberry, hazelnut and green grapes.

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