New Espresso 1 Blend
Today we’re launching a new Espresso 1 blend, that we’ve been working on while. This time it’s three washed coffees, and the goal have been to go more floral and delicate in the aromas. It’s a quite light roast, but still developed for espresso so it’s sweet without loosing the wild aromas.
08.12.2014Klaus Thomsen

In many ways this is a dream blend for us. We’ve been able to buy a lot of Geisha coffee from Hacienda La Esmeralda in Panama that’s grown at a lower altitude of 1.500 meters above sea level, where the auction lots are around 1.800. It’s slightly less acidic and not quite as refined as the auction lots. But it’s still 100% Geisha grown at one of the best farms in the world and a ridiculously good coffee. In the blend it gives some incredible top aromas that unlike what you usually find in espresso: Rose flowers, bergamot, citrus and honey. Kieni also have some very nice aromas, but it’s more fruit-toned. We feel the acidity from the Kieni actually brings out some more aromas from the Geisha, which is interesting. As the base we’re using Finca Vista Hermosa which we’ve recently had as a limited single origin espresso. It’s surprisingly full bodied and very clean as an SO espresso, with a really oily mouthfeel and subtle acidity. It gives a great texture and mouthfeel to the blend and allow the aromas of the other two coffees to come out beautifully.

60 % Finca Vista Hermosa, Guatemala
25 % Kieni, Kenya
15% Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha 1500, Panama

Intensely aromatic espresso with floral topnotes, juicy acidity and fruity aftertaste.

You can buy it now on our webshop and it’ll be in our coffee shops and wholesale customers from this week.



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