A season dedicated to coffee | Courses and events in Aarhus
We celebrate the opening of Aarhus by introducing a line of events in the sign of coffee
16.03.2023Coffee Collective

A season dedicated to the art of coffee

On the corner of Guldsmedgade and Klostergade in the heart of Aarhus you will find our newest coffee shop! 

We are proud to open the doors to the new space. Here you will find a place to savour a freshly brewed cup of coffee, spend quality time with friends and family, and dive into the craft of coffee. 

Master the art of brewing espresso at home

Explore our upcoming courses in Coffee Collective Aarhus!

To brew espresso is an art. Do you have an espresso machine at home and struggle to brew the perfect espresso? Do you wish to fine-tune your espresso brewing technique? We will cover everything from grinding, dosing, and brewing espresso coffee and look at milk steaming techniques.

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Master your homebrew with Klaus Thomsen

Homebrewing with Klaus Thomsen (free event) 

Come by for a casual chat when our co-founder, and former World Barista Champion shares tips and tricks for home brewing. Klaus will demonstrate how he dials in coffee on home grinders, what kind of water he prefers, how fresh the coffee should be, and how to brew coffee using different methods.

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Join us on a journey to Kenya

Kenyan Coffee Talk & Tasting (free event) 

Some of our favourite coffee experiences have come from the juicy and lively Kenyan coffees. Since his first visit to Kenya in 2007, Klaus has visited the coffee growing highlands numerous times and established a long-term, direct, and very strong relationship with the Kieni cooperative.

Join Klaus as he shares his insights into how coffee is grown, picked, processed, and traded in Kenya. We finish with a cupping (coffee tasting) of a few selected microlots that we sourced from the Nyeri and Kirinyaga regions of Kenya.

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Tasting the different stages of roasting

Taste the development in various stages of roasting (free event)

Join us for a coffee tasting event where the concept is to experience the taste development of coffee through the various stages of the complete roasting process.

We will start by tasting the coffee from green beans, and move through the primary stages until we reach the darkest espresso. The objective of this tasting is to gain a better understanding of the roasting process and to identify the specific stages where sweetness, acidity, and aromas develop.

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