A Special Christmas Gift
A Christmas gift should be special, and it should be unexpected. We know all too well that it can be a bit of a hassle to find that perfect gift. Therefore, we have made it a lot more fun and easy for you, to get inspiration and choose just the right thing, as we have put together a wide selection of different, exclusive Christmas offers; every flavour to suit every taste!
29.11.2019Annalisa Mason

Remember to order your presents in plenty of time! Follow these dates to make sure they will arrive before Christmas. 

  • Denmark: Order on or before December 18
  • Europe: Order on or before December 12
  • Rest of the World: Order on or before December 5

December Deal 

Experience the diversity of the taste spectrum in coffee. The December Deal consists of four of our absolute favourite coffees from all around the world. There is something for every taste as you will get the clean and balanced coffee, the sweet and rich, and the acidic and flowery. The bags are packed with whole beans and roasted for filter brewing. 

The price is 299, which means you save 132. Take me to the deal!

You can grab the December Deal all through the month of December until the 22. 

AeroPress Package 

A rich and clean cup in one press! 

The package contains the devoted and simple coffee brewer, the AeroPress and a bag of beans of your choice. Here, you have a coffee brewer that will take up minimal space in your kitchen and is perfect to bring along on trips and holidays. Choose between our 250-gram coffee bags. 

The price is 299, which means you save up to 65 kroner. I want to give a squeezing good present!

Choose a bag of coffee to go with the AeroPress Deal!

Kalita Package

This is our preferred brew method when we are going for a silky, clean cup of filter coffee.

The Kalita Wave Steel Dripper 185 is flexible whether you need to brew a single cup of coffee or if you have guests by. Simply place the steel dripper on top of your preferred coffee mug or a suitable glass jug, and you can begin to brew. The flat bottom gives an even extraction of the coffee and yields up to 500 ml per time. 

Along with the Steel Dripper 185 and the appertaining filters, you can choose a bag of beans of your choice amongst our selection of 250-gram coffee bags.

The price is 399, which means you save up to 110 kroner. Drip, drip, drip! Give golden drops for Christmas!

Remember a bag of optional beans for the ultimate coffee dripper

Tote Package

Organic and spacious cotton bag in a thick and exclusive material. The natural coloured tote bag has been printed in a timeless, green colour in the iconic triangles. Choose a bag of coffee of your choice amongst the selection of our 250 g bags.

The price is 179, which means you save up to 39 kroner. Only the best for my beans - take me to tote bag heaven!

Something fancy to carry your beans in!

Julekaffe Nolberto 

We have found the coffee that complements Christmas perfectly. Well-balanced, floral and clean with a delicate acidity. Notes of grapes, fresh apricots, and French nougat. 

Get your Christmas beans now!

The Christmas Coffee from Colombia

Gift Subscription 

Are you running late on getting all your Christmas gifts? Then we would recommend a Gift Subscription, which is perfect, for the family member or friend who can’t get enough of exclusive, fresh roasted beans, sent right to their door for 3 months! And the best part is, you will receive the gift voucher in seconds after buying it, all dressed up and ready to print! 

Costs from 720 kroner and up. Don't panic - it's not too late to order your Christmas Gifts! Get the Gift Subscription now!

Need a gift in a hurry? Give 3 months of coffee delivered to the door!

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