Finca Alasitas Caturra


alasitas caturra

Full-bodied and spicy coffee with a liquor like acidity. Natural processed.

Alasitas is owned and operated by Pedro Rodriguez, his daughter Daniela and son Pedro Pablo, who are also the family behind the mill Finca Buena Vista. Daniela Rodriguez explains: “Finca Alasitas is an example of a sustainable farm for the producers in the region. On the farm we have a nursery where we are developing new varieties and new flavors”.

These beans, of the Caturra variety, have undergone a very thorough proces where the beans are sun dried below a UV-filter(see picture below), and in the final stages transferred to mechanical driers . The drying process shows in the coco-coloured shine of the dried berries, which is why they are referred to as Coco Naturals.

Due to the high quality we’ve paid 255% above market price (5$/lb FOB). We’ve roasted this coffee light to highlight the fruity aromas.

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Weight: 250g

80,80 DKK

Creamy, sweet and spiced coffee with a liquor like acidity. Tastes of sweet orange with notes of raisins, rum and roasted nuts.

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  • Owner

    The Rodrigues family

  • Harvest method

    Selective Hand Picking

  • Region


  • Harvest calendar

    July - October

  • Varieties

    Java, Caturra and Gesha

  • Process

    Washed. Solar and mechanical

  • Altitude


  • Production

Finca Alasitas

Unnamed Road, Caranavi, Bolivia

Finca Alasitas