Akmel Nuri


Akmel Nuri

Full bodied coffee with great sweetness and notes of plums, raisins and milk chocolate. Organic. 

Akmel Nuri’s farm looks more like a forest than anything else. Following organic principles, the coffee trees grow wild in the thick forest, with shade trees bending beautifully over the coffee trees, protecting them and providing nourishment.

Akmel’s coffee is natural processed, meaning that the entire coffee cherry is dried, until the pulp is a hard shell. It gives the coffee more body and a lower acidity than the washed process.

This is the third year we work with Akmel. Each year we have witnessed the quality in the cup go up. This year is no exception and we’ve paid 151% above market price ($ 3.50/lb FOB). Roasted medium.

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Weight: 250g

76,00 DKK

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  • Owner

    Akmel Nuri

  • Harvest method

    Selective Hand Picking

  • Region

    Limu Kosa, Jimma

  • Harvest calendar

    October - December

  • Varieties


  • Process

    Natural, sun dried on raised beds

  • Altitude

    1.650 - 2.050 masl

  • Production

    300 bags (69 kg) 2014


Unnamed Road, Etiopien

Limu Kosa