About this coffee

Produced together withAlexander Vargas

Quality bonus247%

VarietiesPink Bourbon

Altitude1,898 masl

Harvest calendarSeptember - December

ProcessAnaerobic Washed

Fruity with an intense sweetness. Aroma of ripe mandarin and strawberry with a hint of tropical fruit

Alexander Vargas

The farmer

In 2009, Alexander Vargas transformed Finca La Piragua from basic land into its current state, featuring a residence, a coffee processing area, micro-beneficio fermentation tanks, and drying space.

Collaborating with local families and his wife, Lidia, they established a small school, showcasing his commitment to community development.

Alexander is always seeking ways to improve his work on the farm and innovating processing methods. He now uses fermentation barrels for efficiency and cleanliness, fermenting for up to 48 hours with meticulous rinsing and methodical drying. Alexander is responsible for coffee tree harvesting, and together with Lidia, they oversee the fermentation and drying processes.

The view of Finca La Piragua

Quality Bonus

We work by the values of transparent trade. This helps create a healthy relationship with the farmer and financial sustainability for them.

We pay a quality bonus to Alexander Vargas that is 247% above market price ($6.50/lb FOB). The quality bonus allows the farmer to continue to produce higher quality coffee.

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View of Finca La Piragua

Brew guides

Depending on your brewing method at home, from Aeropress, to Kalita or French press, we help you getting the best taste out of your coffee.

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