Transparency Report 2023 | 6th Edition
Transparency is fundamental to our approach, and we believe it is a key driver of change in the coffee industry. As such, this year's transparency report will primarily focus on our transparency index, highlighting the steps we've taken to improve transparency across our organisation.
08.03.2023Green Collective Group
Our latest issue of Transparency Report if here!

For five years, Coffee Collective has published our annual sustainability report, highlighting the company’s efforts and achievements in various sustainable initiatives. However, we are taking a different approach by focusing primarily on transparency in this year's report.

In Coffee Collective we work within three pillars of sustainability

Our sustainability focus

We are founded on social sustainability, which is our core purpose in everything that we do. A sustainable financial foundation is important to achieve this.

2022 has been a challenging year for people as well as for businesses. We have, like many others, been affected by the economic pressure that the increased price inflation has put on all of us. It has been necessary to focus our resources on the core of the business; creating great coffee experiences that improve the living conditions of farmers across the globe.

Elver Aldana at his coffee farm in Colombia

Transparency is fundamental to our approach and we believe it is a key driver for change in the coffee industry. As such, this year we have created a transparency report that will primarily focus on our transparency index.

Our Coffee Transparency Table
See the overall numbers for coffee we purchased in 2022
Coffee cherries at Cajamara, Peru

While the focus of this report may have shifted, our commitment to sustainability has not. We are continually exploring new ways to reduce waste, minimize our carbon footprint, and make a positive impact on our planet.

Our environmental indicators

A recurring topic in the last couple of issues has been our path toward Net Zero. Since then, the definition of the concept has been further defined so that we no longer would be able to call ourselves Net Zero in 2022. In our blog post about our climate contribution, we expand on this, as well as invite the reader in for a conversation about farmer collaborations, supplier code of conduct, and our forest project.

View from the Takes farm in Bolivia

In February 2023 a work assessment survey was sent out to all employees (73 responded). The survey included questions regarding employee satisfaction and trust, an evaluation that we look into every year.

Our social indicators- Female and male identification is based on assumptions. We acknowledge that this is no longer enough, and are working on a way to be more inclusive and enable people to decide how to be identified in terms of gender
Dried beans at Enciso farm in Colombia

At Coffee Collective, we value the transparency from seed to cup. That is why our coffee transparency table plays a major role in every issue of our annual Sustainability report

You can see similar graphics across our bars- the visualisation of how much we pay back to the origin

This way we are able to put concrete figures on the positive impact we are trying to create as well as showcase the ongoing relationship with the coffee farmers.

Coffee farmer at Takesi farm in Bolivia

On our Instagram profile, we will be sharing updates, stories, and news on our ongoing sustainability journey. Here you will also find a highlight with content about our contribution to sustainability and climate. For the latest updates, stories, and news be sure to follow us on Instagram.

Coffee tree at Takesi farm in Bolivia

Written by our Green Group coordinator, Siv Møller, and our CEO, Peter Dupont

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