Vista Hermosa Espresso

About this coffee

Produced together withEdwin Martinez

Quality bonus186%

VarietiesRed and Yellow Bourbon, Caturra, Pache

Altitude1,600-1,900 masl

Harvest calendarFebruary-April


Elegant, smooth and sweet espresso. Aromas of chocolate, praline and plums

Don Edwin Martinez

The farmer

This is the first coffee we bought directly from the farmer when we first opened our roastery in 2007. Edwin Martinez and his father run their farm in western Guatemala. Their dry mill is located in the mountainous landscape alongside their fields. Here, the washed coffee is dried under the sun rays on the patio.

Edwin Martinez and his dad with CC's own Samuli

Direct Trade

We work by the values of transparent trade. This helps create a healthy relationship with the farmer and financial sustainability for them.

We pay a quality bonus to Finca Vista Hermosa that is 186% above market price ($4.20/lb FOB). The quality bonus allows the farmer to continue to produce higher quality coffee.

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Sous-chef Silverio and Don Edwin Martinez

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