Sadi Loya Espresso

About this coffee

Produced together withHabtamu Fekadu

Quality bonus92%


Altitude2,100-2,400 masl

Harvest calendarNovember-January


Light, creamy and elegant espresso with finely tuned acidity and floral notes. Aroma of citrus fruit, melon and honey

The stunning landscape of Gera

The farmer

In 1945, Habtamu Fekadu’s family made their first mark in coffee and has since passed down their knowledge and wet mills to the younger generation.

They continued to cultivate, collect and supply coffee for the local markets and in 2015 Habtamu Fekadu established the company, installing a processing plant on his own farm and expanded to collect cherries from local farmers in Guji, Djimmah and Yirgacheffe.

Beautiful berries at Sadi Loya

Quality Bonus

We work by the values of transparent trade. This helps create a healthy relationship with the farmer and financial sustainability for them.

We pay a quality bonus to Habtamu Fekadu that is 92% above market price ($3.60/lb FOB). The quality bonus allows the farmer to continue to produce higher quality coffee.

1 / 3
The coffee is dried in the sun on high drying tables

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