Enciso Espresso

About this coffee

Produced together withEdith Enciso and Wilson Rodriguez

Quality bonus189%

VarietiesCastillo, Caturra

Altitude1,700 masl

Harvest calendarApril-June, October-November


Sweet and clean espresso with a delicate acidity. Aroma of berries, vanilla and nectarine.

Edith Yasso and Wilson Rodriguez

The farmer

The parents of the Enciso family have both grown up in traditionally Colombian coffee growing families. With their son, they have their own coffee farms now called Lusitania, La Isla and Villa Sofia. Here, we first bought their coffee in 2018.

Coffee Collective's Peter and Lukas with Edith and Wilson

Quality Bonus

We work by the values of transparent trade. This helps create a healthy relationship with the farmer and financial sustainability for them.

We pay a quality bonus to Enciso that is 189% above market price ($4.86/lb FOB). The quality bonus allows the farmer to continue to produce higher quality coffee.

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On of the Enciso family's coffee fields, La Isla

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