About this coffee

Produced together withMetad Agricultural Development

Quality bonus286%

VarietiesA variety of natural Ethiopian heirloom

Altitude2.000 - 2.200 masl

Harvest calendarJanuary 2018


Balanced, creamy body with finely attuned acidity. Peach, orange and bergamot in the aroma.

Salomon, the technical farm manager at Alaka

The farmer

The washing station Alaka is located in the Guji region where farmers near the village Benti Nenqa have supplied coffee beans for this lot. These are wild arabica varieties from the birthplace of coffee, grown organically in 2000 to 2200 moh and harvested in January 2018.

Alaka is part of the family-owned company Metad, run by three brothers; Aman, Tariku and Michael. They share a clear devotion to helping farmers produce better quality and implement sustainable practices. The coffee is certified organic and Metad offer education and technical assistance to the farmers.

Quality Bonus

We have paid 286% above the market price ($4.95 /lbs FOB).

1 / 3
Parchment mid cover for hot sun

Brew guides

Depending on your brewing method at home, from Aeropress, to Kalita or French press, we help you getting the best taste out of your coffee.

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