AeroPress XL

Product detail

IncludedAeroPress XL chamber, plunger, filter cap and seal
AeroPress Carafe, 600 ml
100 micro paper filters
Paddle for stirring
Coffee scoop

Serves2-3 kopper

MaterialPolypropylen, silicone and Tritan™

CareDishwasher safe

Weight550 g

The AeroPress XL boasts the same incredible versatility as its predecessor, now with double the capacity. Offering a 3-in-1 brew technology that effortlessly combines the best elements of various brewing methods. The result is a simple and aromatic way to enjoy your favorite coffee.

With its fast immersion brewing process, a single press produces a delicious cup of coffee, and the short contact time between water and coffee ensures a smooth, bitterness-free taste.

Cleaning is a simple, with the AeroPress XL being dishwasher-friendly, making it a convenient choice for coffee enthusiasts on the go.

Embrace the excitement of experimentation with the AeroPress XL. Whether you prefer a rich espresso, a smooth pour-over, or a full-bodied French press, this transparent brewing companion opens the door to a world of flavorful possibilities.

Brew guides

Depending on your brewing method at home, from Aeropress, to Kalita or French press, we help you getting the best taste out of your coffee.

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