DescriptionThe AeroPress is a fun brewing device that let you easily brew a single cup of coffee, cleaner than a French Press but heavier than a filter pour-over.

Coffee grindMedium/Filter

Quantity16 g of coffee for 230 g of water

Infusion time1 minute

Water Temperature93°C

AdviceTo get the most out of your freshly roasted coffee, you should have a good burr grinder, a scale, a timer and clean, filtered water.

Step 1Weigh out 16 g of coffee and grind on a medium setting. The grind size has an impact on taste so experiment on your own grinder for best results.
Step 2Place the filter paper into the filter cap, screw on the chamber and rinse with hot water.
Step 3Put coffee in the AeroPress chamber and let it rest on top of a cup or server. Place on a set of scales and tare.
Step 4Pour in 230 g water making sure the coffee and water are mixed well.
Step 5Insert the plunger, pull it up slightly to create a small vacuum so coffee doesn't drip through.
Step 6At 60 seconds, remove the plunger and stir 3 times with a spoon from front to back.
Step 7Re-insert plunger at 1:10, remove the scale and press down slowly finishing around 1:30
Step 8Let the coffee cool for a few minutes, swirl and enjoy! For the XL use 32 g of coffee to 460 g of water, follow the same recipe but finish plunging at 1:50.

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