Terms & Conditions
05.12.2022Annalisa Mason

The following terms and conditions apply to The Coffee Collective’s B2C webshop, regarding products and services purchased on our online shop.

Product documentation

All documentation and descriptions of each product and service will be available on this website.

All our coffee is purchased, processed, and sold only as whole beans. 


Payment via the webshop is possible with Dankort, Visa/Dankort, VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, and JCB.

The final amount will be reserved in your account when the order is completed. For subscriptions, the amount is withdrawn, according to the chosen shipment frequency, on Monday prior to shipment the following Thursday.  

The Coffee Collective reserves the right to cancel orders without subject to notice on account of typos, technical errors, changes in VAT and taxes, sold out items or force majeure.


The listed prices on the website are including Danish VAT. This will be removed during the check-out process and the chosen shipping country will determent the amount of VAT added to the products.


We ship with PostNord (the Danish Postal Service), Deutsche Post and DSV Xpress. DSV Xpress uses the following sub-contractors: FedEx, DHL, TNT and GLS.

Country of delivery
Once the chosen products or subscriptions have been added to the cart, shipping information including country of delivery must be added during the checkout process. This can be found in the dropdown list which includes all the countries we ship to. 

If the specific country you are looking for is not listed, we do not currently ship to that location. 

If you cannot find your country on our list, send us an e-mail at, and we will into the possibilities of adding the country to the shipping list in the future or look for other alternative opportunities for you to buy our coffee from one of our wholesale partners. 

Delivery time
Delivery times vary depending on the destination and chosen delivery method. Our estimated delivery time can vary and may be influenced by other external conditions that we cannot control. We do therefore not guarantee the exact delivery times.

If you experience any delays where the delivery has exceeded the estimated delivery time, contact us at or your local post office who will be able to provide an update on any delays etc.

We ship orders all weekdays.

Our coffee is roasted within 8 days before dispatch, and we always strive to send as freshly roasted coffee as possible.

Once your order has been shipped, a shipping confirmation including the tracking number and link will be sent to the email address provided on the order. 

PostNord Tracked Letter DK (1-5 work days delivery)
Will de delivered in your mailbox or left in front of your door if the package doesn't fit in the mailbox. 


The risk for the product passes to you as a customer when it is in your possession, cf. 73 of the Danish Købelov. The transfer of risk is thereby no longer our responsibility. 

Return Policy 

Food items (coffee) and courses are non-refundable under Danish law. All other products (merch, equipment etc.) can be returned 14 days after delivery.

As a customer, you must notify us that you want to return an item, which must occur within 14 days after the actual delivery has taken place. The package must then be returned to Coffee Collective within the same time frame of 14 days after the delivery.


Coffee Collective will refund a purchase if the 14-day notification before the delivery date is compiled by the customer and if the product has successfully been returned to us, the proof shipment has been documented and verified, as well as the stand meets the stated refund claim. 

For a full refund, the products must be intact, unopened, and in original packaging. If the product does not live up to these conditions, we’ll maximum offer a partial refund. 

Return address
Items cannot be returned in our physical shops but must be shipped to:

The Coffee Collective Webshop
Godthåsbvej 34B
DK2000 Frederiksberg

Return fee
You, as a customer, are responsible for all expenses in conjunction with a potential return.

Return or non-pickup of coffee orders
If you order coffee from our website, but do not pick up your package at the agreed place of delivery or within the timeframe provided by the carrier you do not have a right to a refund. 

Coffee is categorized as being a food product, and the provisions of the Fødevareloven apply. You do not have the opportunity to cancel the purchase if the coffee has been shipped from our roastery.

Retain purchase
We give our customers the opportunity to maintain their purchase after the package has been returned to our address. If a package is returned to our company, it will be stored within a reasonable time, which in this case is 14 days after we have received the return package in our warehouse. 

If the returned package is to be shipped again the customer will have to pay for the additional shipping fee through a payment link provided by us. 

Please contact if your order has been returned to us and you wish for us to resend it.  

Return or non-pickup of equipment orders
We are entitled to receive clarification from the customer about what is to happen to the package, in accordance with the request for retention or cancellation of the purchase, within a reasonable time, if a package is returned to us. 

Regret of purchase
As a company, we are only obliged to repay the purchase price to our customers if you as a customer have explicitly informed us that you have regretted the purchase and want a refund. This must be stated within a reasonable time.

Retain the purchase
If a package is returned to our company, then we are only obliged to store it within what can be considered reasonable.

It is you as the customer who has the financial responsibility if the package is returned to us due to the cancellation of the purchase. We will therefore be entitled to deduct the amount for return shipping before refunding the purchase price.

Subscription terms

The Coffee Collective have 2 subscription types: the curated subscription ('We surprise you') and the single origin subscription ('You decide'). These are divided into 4-week intervals and 2-week intervals.

We Surprise You
Our surprise subscriptions consist of unique specialty coffees from exclusive micro-lots, which are specially selected by our coffee roasters. 

The 4-week Surprise subscription
With our 4-week Surprise subscription, you’ll receive 3 bags of special coffee (3 x 250 grams) every four weeks.

There are 2 shipments of the 4-week curated subscription per 4-week interval (i.e. weeks 2 and 4). We allocate you to the closest shipment date, depending on when you sign up. The payment is processed on the Monday of the week of shipping. The subscriptions are packed and shipped on the Thursday of the week of shipping.

You pay 248,00 DKK (excl. VAT) every fourth week for this subscription.

The 2-week Surprise subscription
With our 2-week Surprise subscription, you will receive 2 bags of specialty coffee (2 x 250 grams) every other week (e.g. weeks 2 and 4). 

We allocate you to the closest shipment date, depending on when you sign up. The payment is processed on the Monday of the week of shipping. The subscriptions are packed and shipped on the Thursday of the week of shipping.

You pay 172,00 DKK (excl. VAT) every other week for this subscription.

You Decide
This subscription provides you with regular shipments of one particular coffee of your choice (e.g. Kieni).

The 4-week subscription
With our 4-week subscription, you will receive 3 bags of coffee (3 x 250 grams) of your choice every four weeks. 

We allocate you to the closest shipment date, depending on when you sign up. The payment is processed on the Monday of the week of shipping. The subscriptions are packed and shipped on the Thursday of the week of shipping.

The price for this subscription will depend on the coffee you have chosen.

Single 2-week subscription
With our 2-week subscription, you’ll receive 2 bags of one particular specialty coffee (2 x 250 grams) of your choice every other week (e.g. weeks 1 and 3). 

We allocate you to the closest shipment date, depending on when you sign up. The payment is processed on the Monday of the week of shipping. The subscriptions are packed and shipped on the Thursday of the week of shipping.

The price for this subscription will depend on the coffee you have chosen.

Please note
Our range of coffees depends on the season and the yield of the harvest with the farmers. When the coffee you have selected in the “You Decide” subscription has reached the final stage of its harvest, you will be notified via email, and the subscription will be terminated automatically. 

You can subsequently choose a new coffee to subscribe to instead.

General Subscription Information

Your signup for a subscription will be valid once your payment has been approved and processed. 

If the payment is canceled or denied, you will be contacted via email.

You can manage your email and shipping address and can also find invoices on your account page.

Your responsibility
It is your responsibility as a customer that all email, billing, and shipping addresses are correct. It is also your responsibility to ensure all payments are made by the due date. 

How can I update my credit card details?
Update your credit card details by clicking ‘Account’ (top right corner) and log in with your email and chosen password. 

Find the subscription where you wish to update your details in ‘Overview’ and click on 'Change' underneath 'Payment Details'. 

Enter the new details and save the changes by clicking 'Update Information'

Pausing your subscription
Are you going on a holiday, or would you just like to take a break? Pause your subscription by clicking ‘Account’ (top right corner) and log in with your email and chosen password. 

Find the subscription you wish to pause in your ‘Overview’ and click on the drop-down menu ‘Next Delivery Date’ and find ‘Pause Subscription' at the very top. 

When you decide to continue your subscription, you simply log back into your account and update your next delivery date in the drop-down menu. 

Termination of the subscription
Subscriptions will continue until canceled. You can cancel your subscription by logging into your account page or contacting us at 

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel your subscription after having received an invoice for a shipment, please get in touch if you want us to cancel this shipment as well.


For international subscribers, the subscriptions are shipped as letters by regular mail without tracking and delivery by the recipient country's postal service. 

For international subscriptions, we offer an additional tracking option for select countries. 

For Danish subscribers, the subscriptions are shipped as parcels with tracking. 

Course terms

After purchasing a course, you will receive an order confirmation via email. You don’t need to do anything else after that, except attend the course. 

Course refund
Purchase of tickets for courses and events is not refundable under Danish law (§ 17 stk. 2, jf. § 9 stk. 2 nr. 2a). You are responsible for dealing with your ticket if you are unable to attend, after purchasing a ticket. 

Course cancelation
We reserve at any time, the right to cancel a course or event, with less than 3 participants. Participants who have a ticket for a course that is cancelled will be notified. We use the contact information provided when purchasing the ticket, to inform you about a potential cancellation. 

You can move your ticket to a new date, or have your ticket refunded by us. 

Purpose of the courses
Our courses are for home enthusiasts and not directed towards professional baristas. If you would like a course for professionals or an event for a company, please contact us at

Information on complaints

If you want to submit a complaint about a product or service bought from us, the complaint can be submitted to:

Center for Klageløsning i Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
DK2500 Valby

You can submit a complaint via

If you submit a complaint, you must convey our mail address ( to the center for Klageløsning I Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen. 


Would you like to get our different coffees delivered directly to your doorstep? We've got you covered.

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4 week subscription from:315 DKK / 4 weeks

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