Sunday Special | The Advent Calendar
Each Sunday of Advent we will reveal a new coffee starting with the first one on 3rd December.
28.11.2023Signe Hansen
Efrain showing us his coffee trees

Happy Second Sunday of Advent

In San Ignacio, a renowned coffee province in the north, Efrain and Maria Flor own a farm named Cerro Azul. The farm, set against the backdrop of blue and green tones, is a family venture where Efrain, Maria Flor, and their daughter work together to produce high-quality coffee.

Since 1993, they have dedicated their lives to coffee production, focusing on improving quality through hard work. Over the years, they have learned the importance of effective management for profitability and the meticulous processes of slow drying and selective cherry picking.

Happy Second Sunday of Advent

Their significant achievements include winning 2nd place in the Cup of Excellence in 2017 and 3rd in 2022, and they continue to strive for excellence in their coffee journey.

Efrain and Maria Flor begin their coffee process by carefully selecting perfectly ripe cherries. After sorting, the cherries are placed in airtight bags to ferment for 36 hours. Subsequently, they are spread in an even layer on shaded raised beds for 28 hours before being moved to the main drying patio for up to 30 to 40 days.

The coffee is a very clean natural

1st Sunday of Advent

Happy first Sunday of Advent! Over the past year, we have carefully selected a handful of very exclusive coffees that you wouldn't otherwise find in our coffee range. We hope they bring something special to you, and we look forward to sharing a brew with you every Sunday throughout December.

Several years ago, Duver’s mother cultivated coffee on a large piece of land in the Colombian Andes. Since then, the land has been divided among her sons, and the coffee you are tasting today is a beautiful Geisha variety, produced by Duver.

Coffee runs in the family, and Duver's daughter, Yenifer, is educated in agroindustry engineering. She encouraged her dad to experiment with a new processing method to achieve a sweeter and cleaner coffee. After the cascara is removed, the beans are covered in a sugary layer named mucilage. These sugary-coated beans ferment in closed barrels for up to 60 hours, depending on the climate. Tasting the beans during this stage of the processing reminds us of sweet peaches.

Get inspired and check out our brew guides.

The coffee from Duver Rojas is the first coffee will taste in the Advent Calendar
Duver Rojas grows his coffee in the mountainous coffee region, Huila in Colombia.
We hope you enjoy the coffee

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