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We’ve answered some frequently asked questions about our subscriptions. Feel free to contact us at if you have any other questions.
28.03.2022Annalisa Mason

Find answers on the following subjects below:

1. General questions
2. Payment
3. Shipping
4. Cancel or pause your subscription
5. Manage your account

1. General questions

What am I getting in the ‘We Surprise You’ subscription?
Our surprise subscriptions consist of unique specialty coffees from exclusive micro-lots, which are specially selected by our coffee roasters. 

With a surprise subscription, you get access to some of our exclusive specialty coffees, and you are introduced to some of our newest coffee launches. It allows you to explore new aromas and experience different origins and roasting profiles, where we focus on on 2 special coffees every month (coffee A and coffee B). 

4-week surprise subscription
With our 4-week surprise subscription, you’ll receive 3 bags of special coffee (3 x 250 grams) every four weeks. It consists of 2 different coffees: 2 bags of coffee A, and 1 bag of coffee B.

You pay 284,00 DKK (excl. VAT) every fourth week for this subscription. Final sales price will vary from country to country according to applicable tax rules. 

2-week surprise subscription
With our 2-week surprise subscription, you will receive 2 bags of special coffee (2 x 250 grams) every other week (i.e., week 2 and 4). The shipments consist of 2 bags of coffee A, and two weeks later you receive 2 bags of coffee B. 

You pay 204,00 DKK (excl. VAT) every other week for this subscription with free shipping. Final sales price will vary from country to country according to applicable tax rules. 

What am I getting in the 'You Decide' subscription?
This subscription provides you with regular shipments of one specific coffee of your choice (e.g., Kieni). It is an optimal solution for you who have a certain favorite coffee and who want to follow it throughout its entire harvest.

When the coffee has reached the final stage of its harvest you will be notified, and the subscription will be canceled. You can subsequently choose a new coffee to subscribe to instead.

4-week 'You decide' subscription
With our 4-week You Decide subscription, you will receive 3 bags of your chosen coffee (3 x 250 grams) every four weeks. You are thereby signed up to get a monthly delivery of one specific coffee. 

2-week 'You decide' subscription
With our 2-week You Decide subscription, you’ll receive 2 bags of your chosen coffee (2 x 250 grams) every other week (e.g.., week 1 and 3). 

Can I add extra bags to my subscription? 
Due to packing logistics, it is unfortunately not possible to add any extra bags of coffee or brewing equipment to your subscription shipment. 

Do you offer a mixed subscription of Filter and Espresso?
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a subscription that includes both filter coffee and espresso coffee.

2. Payment

When are payments processed for the subscriptions?
Depending on the frequency of the subscription that you have signed up for, we take payments every 2 or 4 weeks. 

When you sign up to our subscription the total amount of the subscription in the cart and throughout the checkout process will be 0.00 DKK.

We run the subscriptions on a schedule, where payments are processed on the Monday of shipment weeks, and we ship the subscriptions on Thursdays.

After signing up you will receive a confirmation that your subscription trial is active and you can check your active date under your account overview. 

Payment Confirmation
Please be aware that you might receive an email where you need to confirm your payment. This is an extra security measure from our payment provider enforced by the cardholder bank and this confirmation must happen before Thursday where we will ship the subscriptions. 

The confirmation email looks as follows and clicking the 'Confirm Payment' button will lead you to our website, where you will be asked to verify your payment: 

Payment confirmation

How can I update my credit card details?

Update your credit card details by clicking ‘Account’ (top right corner) and log in with your email and chosen password. 

Find the subscription where you wish to update your details in ‘Overview’ and click on 'Change' underneath 'Payment Details'. 

Enter the new details and save the changes by clicking 'Update Information'

Click on 'Change' to update your credit card details

3. Shipping

I have just signed up for a subscription, when will my first subscription package be shipped?
We have shipments of the subscriptions every 2 weeks. Once you sign up, the system automatically allocates you to the closest shipment week.

We process the payments on the Monday of shipment weeks, and we ship the subscriptions on Thursdays.

You can always check your next shipment date in the subscription overview by logging into your account. 

International shipments

Do you ship to my country?

Once the chosen products or subscriptions have been added to the cart, shipping information including country of delivery must be added during the checkout process. This can be found in the dropdown list which include all the countries we ship to. 

If the specific country you are looking for is not listed, we do not currently ship to that location. 

If you cannot find your country on our list, send us an e-mail at, and we will into the possibilities of adding the country to the shipping list in the future or look for other alternative opportunities for you to buy our subscriptions. 

When will I receive my subscription package?
Delivery times vary depending on the location and chosen delivery method. Depending on the receiving country, our estimated delivery time will vary and may be influenced by other external conditions that we cannot control. We do therefore not guarantee the exact delivery times.

Estimated delivery times free shipment method (Deutsche Post):
•    Europe: Between 10-14 business days
•    Rest of the world: Between 2-3 weeks

Can I track my subscription?
If you have chosen the free shipping option on your subscription, unfortunately, you will not be able to track the shipment. With this method, we send the subscription packages as regular mail without tracking.  

We offer an additional tracking option for selected countries, which will be associated with an additional cost for each shipment. 

I haven’t received my subscription package within the estimated delivery time – what should I do?
Please take note of the delivery time to your country. If it has taken more than the estimated delivery time you should contact us at or your local post office who will be able provide an update on any delays etc.  

Danish shipments

Can I choose a specific pick-up point in Denmark?
Yes, when choosing Pick-up Point as shipping method when signing up, you can choose the pick-up point closest to your shipping address. 

If you are a migrated customer, you will unfortunately need to cancel your current subscription and sign up again to activate this function.

4. Cancel or pause your subscription

Can I pause my subscription?

Are you going on a holiday, or would you just like to take a break? Pause your subscription by clicking ‘Account’ (top right corner) and log in with your email and chosen password. 

Find the subscription you wish to pause in your ‘Overview’ and click on the drop-down menu ‘Next Shipment Date’ and find ‘Pause Subscription' at the very top

Click on 'Next Shipment Date' and choose 'Pause Subscription'

When you decide to continue your subscription, you simply log back into your account and update your next shipment date in the drop-down menu. 

Can I cancel my subscription?
Cancel your subscription by clicking ‘Account’ (top right corner) and log in with your email and chosen password. 

Find the subscription you wish to cancel in your ‘Overview’ and click ‘Cancel Subscription’ underneath the drop-down menu ‘Next Shipment Date’.

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel your subscription after having received an invoice for a shipment, please get in touch if you want us to cancel this shipment as well.

5. Manage your account

I have not logged in to my account

This could happen if you chose to 'Check Out As a Guest' when signing up for your subscription. 

If you create a new account with the same email that you used to sign up for your subscription, your account will be connected to your subscription. 

Click ‘Account’ in the top right corner and tick ‘Create User’. This will give you the option to confirm your password and then you will be good to go. 

Create a login and this will connect you to your account

Once signed in you can see an overview of your previous orders and edit current subscriptions. 

How can I update my billing address?
You can easily update your billing and generel account shipping address. Make sure you are logged in (top right corner), click on ‘Profile’, and change your information accordingly. Remember to click on the button ‘Update Information’ to save your changes. 

How can I update my subscription shipping address? 
If you want to change the shipping address or delivery method on your subscription, you can change this under our subscription overview. 


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