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11.06.2019Casper Rasmussen

Green coffee beans neither smell nor taste of coffee as you know it. The taste and aroma evolve only during roasting. We wish to prove coffee a product of nature – of cultivation, varieties of coffee trees, soil conditions, rain, sun, wind – everything that in the end leave their distinct fingerprints on coffee’s taste.
This is why we seek out extremely clean, sweet and aromatic coffees, and roast them lightly in order to highlight their natural taste. Each coffee is roasted with its own roast profile to enhance that particular coffee’s unique qualities.

At the center of our roastery is our 35 kg Loring Smartroast. A highly efficient roaster with minimal gas-usage and emissions that allow us full control of our roast profiles.

Roastery on Godthåbsvej

We roast daily and ship directly to our wholesale customers, our own coffee shops and webshop customers. And yet, freshly roasted coffee is just a small part of the equation. We buy, roast and sell freshly harvested crops that are in season, we store the green beans in Vacuum or Grain Pro bags in a climate-controlled cellar, and we rinse every bag of roasted coffee with nitrogen in order to preserve the high quality.

Every roasted batch undergoes a number of quality checks, logging of the roast profile and Agtron colour, yet the most significant quality check is the cupping. We taste every single batch and we always strive to improve our roasting throughout the year.

The Coffee Collective roastery is open for a visit at Godthåbsvej and every first Friday of the month our roasting team invites you inside for a guided tour and coffee tasting.

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