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We are looking for an enthusiastic, quality, and sustainability-driven individual to join us as a baker in our new Collective Bakery.
Join us as a baker
10.02.2021Mikaela Gervard

We are looking for an enthusiastic, quality and sustainability driven individual to join us as a bakery in our new Collective Bakery.

The chosen applicant will get to join in the thrill of opening a brand new bakery with a small experienced team while enjoying a well-established and efficient organisation by their side. We see the coffee shops and the bakery as a joint effort towards the company goals and look forward to exploring the relationship between the two together. 

Primary tasks 
- Producing bread and pastries of a very high quality 
- Assisting in the development of techniques and recipes  
- Working with wild yeast fermentations 
- Furthering systems to reduce/reuse the waste in the bakery 

What we look for 
- Minimum 1 year of experience in a baker role 
- Team player 
- Commitment to quality 
- Active interest in sustainable practices 
- Interest in cooking 
- Hunger to grow together with us 

What we offer 
- Full-time position 
- Early morning to mid-day, Monday to Sunday, rotating schedule 
- Healthy work environment 
- Wage will be negotiated together with chosen applicant 
- Moreover, we offer a full barista training course and many opportunities to keep exploring what taste can be. 
If you think you could be the right fit for our team kindly answer the questions below in your job application and send in your résumé to with the subject line “Baker”. 
1. What excites you about baking? 2. What would you hope to learn if you got to work with us? 

Danish language is preferred but if you’re flawless in English, we can work with that. You must be already living in Denmark, be an EU citizen or have a valid work VISA to apply. A driving license is seen as a plus. 


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