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Do you ever ask your barista how much the farmer gets paid?
22.09.2023Peter Dupont

How much is the farmer paid? 
Coffee Collective trades directly with producers, ensuring that the payment goes into the right hands. When you purchase a bag of coffee you will know how much the producer is paid.

Akmel Special Quality Bonus

Transparency in coffee prices
The lower graph shows you the difference between the quality bonus and the Ethiopian ICO market price, as well as the Fairtrade price. Neither the market price nor Fairtrade clearly and transparently informs you about how much money actually reaches the farmers.

In contrast, the quality bonus provides you with a market comparison that is transparent.

Coffee Collective price compared to the market price in Ethiopia

The red pillar represents the price that Coffee Collective paid directly to Akmel Nuri. This is the price we paid above the Ethiopian market price. Therefore, Akmel Nuri received $7.5 per pound for this harvest.


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