Variety Garden + Vista Hermosa

Limited Edition of 125 boxes.

This box showcasing a series of single coffee varieties has been a dream of ours for a number of years. For the third time, together with Finca Vista Hermosa, we are able to present the Variety Garden.

A box of 10 selected single varieties grown in the same soil, at the same altitude, in the same microclimate and they are all washed processed and patio dried. We’ve also roasted them to the same end degree. Eliminating all other factors, this package is a distillation of the impact varieties have on flavour.

The box contains 10 jars of 45 g coffee with each variety clearly marked plus a detailed information sheet. That’s enough coffee that you can brew half a litre on your favourite brewer and still have enough to put up a cupping of all the varieties next to each other.

The varieties are: Pache, Pacamara, Maragogype, Maragopache, Geisha, Anacafe 14, Typica, Bourbon, San Ramon and Sarchimor.

With the this package you will receive the Variety Garden and one 250g bag of Vista Hermosa.

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Variety Garden
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Limited edition
Selection of 10 single varieties from Vista Hermosa
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