Kalita Dripper 155

Product detail

Serves1 cup

InformationTo be used with the Kalita 155 paper filters

MaterialStainless Steel

CareDishwasher safe

Weight160 g

The Kalita Wave dripper is one of our favorite brewing methods for black hand-brewed coffee.

A small stylish coffee dripper in steel with a flat bottom and wavy steel filter. It assures an even extraction of your coffee beans and a delicate, aromatic cup.
The coffee dripper fits the Kalita glass server or can go directly on top of your coffee cup. The pour-over methods make it easy to brew a fresh cup of coffee for yourself and your guests.

Take Kalita home and convey great black coffee experiences in your own kitchen.

Brew guides

Depending on your brewing method at home, from Aeropress, to Kalita or French press, we help you getting the best taste out of your coffee.

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