Collective Forest Tote Bag

InformationMeasures 37 x 42 cm

Material 100% organic cotton

Weight150 g

In celebration of our new Collective Forest, we've teamed up with Studio Xinyi and made a new tote bag with the Collective Forest logo and illustrations of the leafs of the different variations of trees that will be planted.

The lot is 21 Ha at Vemmelev. 5 Ha is already a wild-growing bush with much higher biodiversity than the surrounding 16 Ha of farmland that has served as monoculture cropland. We will be planting 72.000 trees on the 16 Ha to bind CO2 in the most natural way and to increase biodiversity at the same time.

Using 25 different varieties of trees mixed in well-planned ways to support a healthy ecosystem.

Carefully printed in a light yellow color on army green cotton.
Please note that all totes are hand printed and variations in color and saturation can occur.

Manufactured in the UK and hand printed right here in Copenhagen.

We have prioritised good craftsmanship manufactured in Europe with selected materials of high quality.

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