Coffee Cocktails Course

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Duration3 hours

ParticipantsMax 6 people

LocationCoffee Collective
Godthåbsvej 34B, 2. sal
2000 Frederiksberg, Danmark

When you arrive at the address, locate the small green door, ring the buzzer "Coffee Collective" and enter. Walk up the stairway to the 2nd floor, hang your coat on the hangers and wait in the lounge area - we will come and find you

ConditionsA valid Coronapass is a requirement.

You need to be min. 16 years of age to participate.

A ticket date can be changed to a different date or refunded up until 14 days before the course date. We reserve the right to cancel a course if there are fewer than 4 participants.

There will not be food served at the course - but feel free to bring your own snacks.

In this course, we will explore the potential of coffee

Our trained barista is also a former bartender and he will take care of you in this fun, engaging, and instructive course

You will learn about coffee brewing, how to pick the right coffee for your cocktail and how to brew it

Furthermore, we will dive into the flavor universe and the different components that make a good cocktail. We will explore the differences between the most common cocktail preparations, the build, the stirred, and the shaken

You will learn how to prepare 3 great coffee cocktail recipes and we will give you the tools to make them at home. You will get inspiration on how to continue working with more recipes yourself

We will taste all of the drinks together - so come thirsty and let the car stay at home

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Godthåbsvej 34B
2000 Frederiksberg

+45 60 15 15 25



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