Kieni Espresso

Kieni Espresso

A fruit bomb of an espresso with notes of blackberries, rhubarb, vanilla and a full-bodied, oily mouthfeel. 

The Kieni wet mill is a cooperative of around 1000 smallholders, which is managed by Josphat Muriuki. We’ve visited and bought from them every year since 2010 and continue to be impressed with their very high quality. This AA lot is of SL28 and SL34 varieties and was harvested in November 2017. We paid 327% above market price ($6.03 USD/lbs FOB) for the excellent quality.

We’ve roasted it with a light espresso profile to accentuate the flavours that are developed on the farm.

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A fruit bomb of an espresso with notes of blackcurrant, raspberry and a oily mouthfeel. 

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