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About this coffee

Produced together withLuis N. Pascoal

Quality bonus375%

VarietiesRed and Yellow Bourbon

Altitude1,150 masl

Harvest calendarApril

ProcessSemi-carbonic macerated

Full-bodied and sweet with medium acidity, fruity aromas and notes of grapes, chocolate and nougat

João Reid is Head of Agronomy at Daterra

The farmer

Daterra is a large-scale farm located in Cerrado, Brazil. Their main focus is on suastainability and quality, with an experimental approach. The farm is owned and run by Luis N. Pascoal and has existed for more than 30 years.

Direct Trade

We work by the values of transparent trade. This helps create a healthy relationship with the farmer and financial sustainability for them.

We pay a quality bonus to Luis N. Pascoal that is 375% above market price ($4.55/lb FOB). The quality bonus allows the farmer to continue to produce higher quality coffee.

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Luis N. Pascoal

Brew guides

Depending on your brewing method at home, from Aeropress, to Kalita or French press, we help you getting the best taste out of your coffee.

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