The Bamboo Cup
We’re excited! On Monday 10/10/16 we introduce a new circular organic bamboo cup system for our to-go guests, with the aim of lowering our environmental impact across our coffee bars as we’ll be decreasing the number of the single-use paper cups that flow through our coffee shops every day.
10.10.2016Annalisa Mason

We drink a lot of coffee in Denmark. We are one of the top coffee drinking countries in the world pr. capita. At The Coffee Collective this make us happy, but we also feel the weight of responsibility that comes along with that title. We believe in sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee in a responsible manner. And we have a feeling that you want to enjoy your coffee that way too. Over the years we have been doing our best to decrease our environmental impact, and one step we’ve taken to act more responsibly is to switch our energy use to wind energy in order to offset the energy used to heat water during brewing. And although not all of them are, most of our paper cups are biodegradable now. However, we want to do better, so we’ve been working on the circular cup system for almost a year.

This project is very dear to us, and we really do believe that this is a step toward a more sustainable future together.

The system works like this:

– Purchase the reusable bamboo cup at any one of our bars (or in our webshop) for DKK 99,- and get your free to go coffee served in it immediately.

– Enjoy your coffee, and when you’re done, reseal the drinking hole in the drip-proof lid, and keep it in your bag until next time.

– When your coffee craving comes back, hand in your bamboo cup, and we will serve your new coffee in a new clean cup.

– Don’t worry if the cup breaks, as we will make sure it’s recycled or disposed of in a proper manner. Simply hand it in to us, and you’re good to go.

The cups are made out of organic bamboo fiber. Bamboo is great because it’s a very fast growing material, making it easier to avoid deforestation in the regions where it’s grown. The cups are also BPA and phthalate-free. We believe that the bamboo cups also taste better than our paper cups, as there is no trace of paper in the coffee (this is by the way also the reason we always wash our filters with hot water before brewing in them). We chose to have only one size for our to-go bamboo cups, as the majority of our to-go orders are served in large cups.

Although this is a step in the right direction, this isn’t the perfect system. We aren’t perfect, and we aren’t pretending to be, but we will do our best to keep improving our recycling and to-go cup system in the years ahead.

There’s nothing wrong with using paper cups, and there will be times where carrying around a reusable cup made out of organic bamboo fiber just isn’t possible, and that’s completely fine. But where possible and convenient, we would love to see our regulars carry these cups around, leading the way to a greener Copenhagen. We love these cups, and our hope is you will too. Get yours at any one of our shops and lead the way to more a more sustainable future. Let us know what you think about them on our social channels @coffeecollectif #bambuskoppen

All the best,

The Coffee Collective.


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