New job opening | Head Baker
We are looking for a Head Baker to join our team at the Coffee Collective bakery - Collective Bakery. We aim to start the position on 1st December 2022.
High quality baked goods
04.10.2022Mikaela Gervard

We are looking for someone with a strong foundation in baking, who enjoys communication and knowledge sharing, has a strong team mentality, and someone who is motivated by exploring how baked goods can support the vision of Coffee Collective.

As the Head Baker you will become part of an existing management team and refer to our Bakery Manager. 

Read more about our company, vision and the role below!

About you

- You have a strong foundation in baking.
- You have experience and curiosity about working with sourdough, wild yeast and long fermentation.
- You are curious and motivated to explore exceptional coffee experiences through combining coffee and baked goods.
- You have strong communication skills.
- You are motivated by teaching and knowledge sharing.
- You have a team focus.
- You have strong organizational skills and are good at planning ahead.
- You are motivated to take part in growing our bakery production to match the overall growth of Coffee Collective.

About the role

- 4-5 shifts per week; 3 bakery (sections), 2 office / admin / training / developmental projects.
- Ensuring quality of baked goods.
- Overall management and organization of the workflow of the bakery production.
- Become part of an existing management team consisting of the Bakery Manager, two production
sous chefs and one FOH sous chef.

Work tasks related to:

Baked goods:
- Trouble shooting
- Producing and planning of the bakery menu for Coffee Collective coffee bars and bakery sale
- Calculating recipes + cost price
- Implementing new recipes - with sous chefs

- Developing the craft and skills of employees
- Sharing feedback
- Hiring and staffing needs - with Bakery Manager
- Shift scheduling - with Bakery Manager

- Ordering - with Sous Chefs
- Building and maintaining relationships with producers
- Sourcing produce

Coffee Collective:
- Development of Bakery menu to support the creation of exceptional coffee experiences
- Contact point for other departments when the Bakery Manager is away
- Planning and strategizing
- Continuous work on improving the sustainability of the bakery

Is this something for you then please send us your application and CV at writing “Head Baker” in the subject line.

Deadline for applications is 17th of October.
We will invite candidates for interviews the same week and expect to start the position December 1st. The start date can be negotiated.

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