Creative Circle Awards
We're proud to have won two awards at the prestigious Creative Circle Awards for our new packaging and new website
Creative Circle Award
28.08.2020Klaus Thomsen

Creative Circle is an association of designers, with the aim to raise the bar for creative standards within design, advertising, digital and direct communications. The awards have been celebrating new ideas for over 28 years now and brings together the best designers and creative souls in Denmark.

The first award was in the category Design & Digital Design — Packaging / Food for our new bags, which was the core element of our new brand design launched last year. Better identification of the farmers, easier information flow, new colors and free-form triangles were key elements that designer Frederik Lyngaa and the team at Kirk, Hatch & Bloom brought to life.

Creatice Circle award winner: Design & Digital Design — Packaging / Food

The second award was for Design & Digital Design — Commerce Sites & Apps for the new website and shop module. This was developed by Limbo (at that time called Magic People / Vodoo People) and implemented by Anders Hallundbæk at Remotely.

"Coffee Collective don’t just sell coffee. They make and effort to bring the best possible product to their customers, and they have spent years getting every part of the process right. From trading fairly through roasting to perfection and brewing damn good cups of coffee.

Their new website reflects that kind of attention to detail. And it acknowledges the fact that in order to treat the farmers right, Coffee Collective need to sell coffee. So the extensive range of beans and brewing products have been brought into focus, along with a new, distinct visual identity, that the digital experience fully embraced."

...a new, distinct visual identity, that the digital experience fully embraced.
Creative Circle

We're really proud to have worked with the talented people at Kirk, Hatch & Bloom, Limbo and Remotely and congratulate everyone involved (and there was a lot of people!) on the achievement. It's truly a collective effort!

Light grey = Filter | Dark green = Espresso
Romain Gorisse and Søren Smidt of Limbo with the award

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