Kalita Tsubame Wave Dripper Copper 155


Kalita created this copper dripper in collaboration with “Made in Tsubame”, a brand that is engraved in this beautiful copper dripper. The engraving certifies that the product was completely handmade by expert craftsmen of Tsubame-shi – a district in Japan well-known for its metalworking.

The Kalita Wave has been our favourite filter brew method for a long time, because it gives a fuller extraction and yields more flavour overall. It’s also where we get the most consistently delicious results from time to time.

The flat bottom filter provides an even brewing path for the water with three holes in the bottom. The waved shaped insulates the brew mass so it doesn’t loose heat to the surroundings.

The Kalita Copper Wave comes in two sizes: 185 (2-6 cups) and 155 (single cup).

Filters are not included. Buy the right size here.

Weight: 223 g

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