Espro Press Large (P7)

Espro Press Large

The Espro Press is a rethinking of the classic French Press. With two sets of micro filters it gives a much cleaner cup, free of sediment and with much more transparent aromas than a traditional coarse metal filter. Furthermore, it has insulated double walls that secure a stable brew temperature.

We think the result is really interesting as it delivers delicious full bodied coffees. The best thing is that it is still as easy to use as the classic French Press.

We carry two sizes of the Espro Press: P5 (medium) and P7 (large). The P5 makes 530 ml (18 oz) and the P7 makes 950 ml (32 oz).

When brewing coffee in our coffee shop, we use a recipe, to get it just right every time. Would you like to make coffee on the Espro Press like we do in our coffee shops? Try out our recipe.


Weight: 1542 g

840,00 DKK

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