Christmas Offer: Hand Brew Package

The Hand Brew Package includes:
Kalita Dripper Steel – 185ml
Kalita Filters (100pcs) – 185ml
Kalita Glass Server – 500ml
250g bag of coffee of your choice*

The Kalita Wave filter dripper is our favorite pour-over option. The Kalita Wave gives a fuller extraction of all the coffee and yields more flavour overall. It’s also where we get the most consistently delicious results time and time again.

Kalita Wave comes in two sizes: 185 (2-6 cups) and 155 (single cup). Our Christmas offer is for the 185 size.

You save 186 DKK.

*Excludes Takesi Geisha and 1kg bags of Espresso 1 or 2

399,20 DKK


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