Akmel Nuri


Akmel Nuri

Organic full bodied coffee with a low acidity. Aromas of nougat, milk chocolate and figs.

Akmel Nuri bought his farm in 2002 after saving for it for years. He follows organic principles for growing the coffee with lots of wild forest on the farm. Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee and the only place for coffee to grow wild. Therefore, wild and unknown heirloom varieties grow here.

This coffee is natural processed where the fruit is dried as a whole, with the pulp covering the beans inside.

We’ve buying directly from Akmel and have paid 251% above the market price ($ 4,5/lb FOB). Roasted light for filter.

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Weight: 250g


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  • Owner

    Akmel Nuri

  • Harvest method

    Selective Hand Picking

  • Region

    Limu Kosa, Jimma

  • Harvest calendar

    October - December

  • Varieties


  • Process

    Natural, sun dried on raised beds

  • Altitude

    1.650 - 2.050 masl

  • Production

    300 bags (69 kg) 2014


Jimma, Oromia, Ethiopia

Limu Kosa