Fresh crops from Guatamala

Two new fresh arrivals from Guatemala are on the shelves. This year we’ve bought 4 micro lots from our long-time partner Finca Vista Hermosa. We’ve been buying from Finca Vista Hermosa since 2007, making this the 8th year that we’re getting the Martinez family’s delicious coffee. We’re very proud and happy to work closely with […]

Guatemala and Finca Vista Hermosa Trip 2008 pt 2

Finca Vista Hermosa is situated in a picturesque landscape surrounded by mountains reaching up to 3.400 masl. The farm itself consists of 7 lots: Finca Vista Hermosa (from which we got our coffee), Michicoy (which was actually the first lot grandfather Don Felipe bought), El Eden, Edlina, El Mirador, El Cypresal and La Vega. Located […]