Welcome to our blog. This is a space for sharing knowledge about coffee and for you to follow what we’re up to. Can’t get enough? Then look through our archives dating back to we opened in 2007. Welcome to the collective!

A New World Barista Champion

Just got back to my hotel here in Tokyo after crowning the new World Barista Champion 2007: James Hoffmann from the UK. His performance was excellent and he did way better in the final round than in the preliminaries. He features a single origin espresso from Costa Rica, used a straight Kenyan in his cappuccinos […]

WBC day 1

The World Barista Championship is well under way. Day one was a long one with around 25 competitors. Danish champ, Lene Hyldahl, did very well (in spite of a lady fainting in the front row). Sweeden also looked very good. heck, they all did. It’s impossible to tell from the audience floor who’ll be in […]

Sample roaster

Our sample roaster has arrived! It’s a Roure drum roaster with an electronic heating element and cooling bin with rotating arms. It comes from Spain but is built like a German tank.We’ve roasted our way through 12 samples of Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees and we’re very satisfied with the results. Green coffee samples are sent […]

What is TheCoffeeCollective ?

Behind every cup of really good coffee there is a chain of dedicated people – the farmer, the roast master and the barista. TheCoffeeCollective is formed by four people from the specialty coffee community – all with a background in the craftsmanship of the barista. The four founders are Peter Dupont, Linus Törsäter, Casper Engel […]

Homepage & blog

Our homepage is being constructed, in the meantime this blog is where you will find most info.When the homepage is done, this blog will still exist as a forum and day-to-day info source.The homepage will be up sometime in august. You might find the address to the homepage more convenient when you refer to us […]