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Espresso Blend v1.3

Our espresso blend is coming together. We’ve had a pretty good idea about what we wanted to create and how we would achieve it right from the beginning. But getting the roast profiles and blend percentages dialed in takes a lot of experimentation and patience. For us a blend is a living thing that changes […]

Kenya Cupping

A few days ago we cupped some different Kenyan coffees and decided which one we will offer this coming season. It had an amazingly intense aroma all the way through. We always start a cupping with evaluating the ‘dry aroma’ – the smell of the fresh ground coffee. Then we smell the coffee as water […]

Back from Japan

I returned from Japan a couple of days ago. Sigga Dóra and I had four days of workshops for UCC Ueshima Coffee Company in Tokyo and Kobe the days after. So here’s my attempt at a recap of the days: The WBC was terrific. I had a great time being able to catch up with […]

A New World Barista Champion

Just got back to my hotel here in Tokyo after crowning the new World Barista Champion 2007: James Hoffmann from the UK. His performance was excellent and he did way better in the final round than in the preliminaries. He features a single origin espresso from Costa Rica, used a straight Kenyan in his cappuccinos […]

WBC day 1

The World Barista Championship is well under way. Day one was a long one with around 25 competitors. Danish champ, Lene Hyldahl, did very well (in spite of a lady fainting in the front row). Sweeden also looked very good. heck, they all did. It’s impossible to tell from the audience floor who’ll be in […]