Welcome to our blog. This is a space for sharing knowledge about coffee and for you to follow what we’re up to. Can’t get enough? Then look through our archives dating back to we opened in 2007. Welcome to the collective!

Tegu 2018

The first time I was in Kenya in 2007 I remember a certain coffee stand out in the cupping room even before we got to taste it. As the sample roast had just finished and the beans cooled down, one of the cupping lab assistants would grind the coffee and prepare for the cupping. As […]

San Fermin 2017

When we travelled to Colombia this year we didn’t just visit the farmers we’ve worked with the past few years. We also went to a new region for us to find some organically certified coffee from the Colombian Andes. The coffee we got is from a mix of around 9 organic farmers who all reside […]

Colombia 2017 – Rain

Colombia is a country with a tropical climate, which means that rainfall is expected to occur frequently. But this year Colombia has experienced more rain than usual. This have had some pretty devastating effects on specific areas. Mudslides and flash floods have not only displaced people and damaged property, but have also cost lives. Of […]

Edilfonso and Maribel Yara, 2018

A Young Coffee Producing Family At a coffee farm, there are constantly things that need to be done. That means that everybody has to pitch in in one way or another. Edilfonso and Maribel Yara is a young couple with three children running a small coffee farm committed to producing high quality coffee. During our […]

Finca Vista Hermosa 2018

Finca Vista Hermosa is a coffee farm situated in Guatemala. It is owned by Edwin and Don Edwin Martinez. Finca Vista Hermosa was our first Direct Trade farm. It is exciting to say, that we now have worked together for ten years. The work that Edwin Martinez and Don Edwin Martinez put into Finca Vista […]

10 year birthday celebration

On the 15th of February it will be ten years since we moved in to the basement at Jægersborggade and opened a micro roastery and coffee shop. We are excited about this anniversary and want to celebrate it with our beloved guests, so on this Thursday all coffee drinks will be sold for 10 kr. (10 […]