Finca Vista Hermosa 2018

Finca Vista Hermosa is a coffee farm situated in Guatemala. It is owned by Edwin and Don Edwin Martinez. Finca Vista Hermosa was our first Direct Trade farm. It is exciting to say, that we now have worked together for ten years. The work that Edwin Martinez and Don Edwin Martinez put into Finca Vista […]

Bolivia 2017

Last year I went to Bolivia for the first time and were very impressed by the nature, culture and people in general, but also the quality of their coffees impressed me. The exported coffee volume is falling at a speed, that if the data for the last years according to the International Coffee Organisation is […]

Finca Vista Hermosa 2017

For a long time I (Peter Dupont) have wished to have a talk with Felipe Martinez, who is the grand father of Edwin Martinez from Finca Vista Hermosa. Felipe Martinez started Finca Vista Hermosa in the 1950’ies Monday 22rd of May 2017, I got that chance. We sad down and talked for an hour about […]

Bolivia 2016

Traveling to Bolivia in 2016 was one of the most amazing coffee experiences I’ve ever had in a long time. The combination of extremely high coffee quality, organic farming principles, and the deep and authentic Bolivian culture weaved together a beautiful coffee experience. We can’t wait to bring this experience to you guys here in […]