Colombia 2017 – Rain

Rainy Season Colombia is a country with a tropical climate, which means that rainfall is expected to occur frequently. But this year Colombia has experienced more rain than usual. This have had some pretty devastating effects on specific areas. Mudslides and flash floods have not only displaced people and damaged property, but have also cost […]

Colombia 2016

This year we’re coming back to Colombia to catch up with the farmers. Returning this year was really interesting. Last year we started our fixed price program in Colombia and now, a year later, it’s time to evaluate on the effect and outcome of this type of the structure. Our hope is that the fixed […]

Colombia 2015

Dear diary… Day # 1 It’s the 4th year we’re in Colombia. In the past 3 years we have been working directly with El Desarollo – an association that consist of approximately 160 farmers. The majority of coffee we have bought from El Desarollo in the past has been a mixture of coffee blended from […]