Akmel Nuri November 2017

The last time we visited Akmel’s organic farm in Limu, Ethiopia, was in November 2016. At that time we were focusing on improving the picking and sorting of the coffee cherries. To assist us in this project we invited our good friend from El Salvador, Rodolfo Ruffatti. Rodolfo has been producing some of the most […]

Ethiopia 2015

Earlier this year I(Peter Ebdrup) was fortunate enough to spend my Easter with Casper(co-owner) in the birthplace of Arabica coffee – Ethiopia. Sitting here, writing this blog post I start to realise the impact this trip has made on me, and my understanding of what it is we’re trying to do, on an everyday basis. […]

Yukro 2014

This November I was fortunate enough, once again, to travel to the Yukro Cooperative located near Agaaroo in the Jimma area of Ethiopia. This will be the third time we buy coffee from Yukro. Yukro started out with help from the TechnoServe organisation who secured a loan to finance equipment for producing high quality washed […]

Panama 2012

In the end of April I went down to visit the good people at Hacienda La Esmeralda in Boquete, Panama. This was my first time in Panama and having enjoyed drinking the Esmeralda coffee  alot for the last couple of years I was very interested to finally go visit and see what it is that […]

Ethiopia 2012

So I recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia. The trip started out like many other coffee trips with heaps of cupping. I was very glad to be able to meet up with Carl Cervona from Technoserve in Addis Ababa and try out some samples from the coffee area surrounding the city of Jimma in […]

Last cupping session with Jordan!

Unfortunately Jordan Barber is heading back to the states soon, so tomorrow wednesday the 4th will be the last open summer cupping session. Please drop by at 16:00 hour. We have heaps of beautiful and fruity summercoffees fresh from the roaster and ready to hit the spots on Your tongue. (La Esmeralda Special, Kieni, Gatina) […]